Luxury interior in bright colors of genuine leather in the business jet

Let us guide your dream jet through the creation process!

Thanks to a long record of successful dealings within the industry, we’ve developed a network of trusted experts who we maintain excellent relationships with. We’ll work between you and the agencies implementing each aspect of your jet’s completion, acting as your direct representative. This ensures that you can focus on the bigger picture while we carefully handle every minor detail.

The process begins with choosing the optimum “green aircraft” to suit your needs- that is, the fuselage, avionics, and engine from the original engine manufacturer. Once we’re satisfied that every aspect of this step has been completed to perfection, we’ll begin to help you design a customized interior for your aircraft that satisfies your needs and caters to your personal tastes, from the leather on the seats to the layout of the interior, including bedrooms and conference rooms if desired. Once your dream design has been drafted, engineers will work to corroborate your desired features and layout with the realities of aircraft design, including weight and balance restrictions.

Ebace 2017
Private jet in flight

Once all the aspects of your design are approved for safety and aesthetic purposes, your aircraft will go into the interior creation and installation process. With so many steps and so many minor details to address, this process can end up costing you hundreds of valuable hours over a span of two to three years. We appreciate that your time is valuable and we don’t expect you to waste it on these minor issues, which is where we excel. Our relationships within the industry put the best aircraft interior designers, engineers, and installers at our fingertips. We’ve experienced all the potential pitfalls in this process and will navigate them expertly to ensure that the final result is exactly what you’ve dreamed of rather than another headache in your already busy life.

Aircraft Maintenance Worker and Engineer having Conversation. Holding Tablet.

At Orbis, we know that a private jet, rather than being a luxury purchase, is more akin to a time machine: it allows you to travel faster by reaching its destination more quickly than commercial aircraft and cutting out the hours before and after air travel that are wasted waiting in security lines and baggage claims. If your time is too valuable to be wasted unnecessarily while traveling, it’s certainly too valuable to be spent on the minutiae of your private jet’s creation.

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