Why you should Book a Private Flight

Booking a private jet ride has long been thought of as a sophisticated, often out-of-reach luxury. But, if you think that social isolation at 35,000 feet necessitates your own personal G5, think again: these days, there are plenty of options for passengers seeking relative seclusion in the skies, many of which come with ticket rates that are less shocking than you might assume. Due to the fact that most services are operated out of smaller airports and private terminals, demand has increased significantly throughout the pandemic.

According to Caitlin Uhlmann, CEO of the company’s Chicago branch, Air Charter Service, the world’s largest private aircraft broker, new clients have increased by 25% in the last year; many of them have made the switch to private because it allows them to reunite with family. “Many folks haven’t seen their loved ones in over a year, and we’ve been able to get them there with minimal touch points and contact,” she adds.

It can be difficult to sort among the various companies and categories of private air travel…

…which range from fly-share programs to fractional ownership. Here’s a rundown of some of the best ways to get a seat on a private plane.

To get aboard a private plane these days, all you need is a good Wi-Fi connection (and a couple of useful apps). A number of newer platforms connect passengers with charter operators directly, allowing you to browse, book, and buy tickets in minutes.

Fewer people in your bubble, fewer airport crowds, high levels of sanitation onboard, and direct flights. No connections transport your valuable cargo fly according to your schedule respond to real-time constraints

You will wish to arrange travel once more as the new reality of living with COVID-19 sinks in and travel limitations begin to lessen. When you do, we recognize that you’ll want to know that you and your team are well taken care of and that the risk of infection is kept to a minimum.

To that aim, we’ve been working with our charter operator partners to identify a number of steps that can be put in place to maximize protection and prevent COVID-19 transmission. We are sure that the operators we selected, as well as the airport employees and aircraft crew, are adhering to these rules to the best of their ability.

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