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Why Charter a Private Jet with Orbis?

For many travelers who wish to experience the benefits of private aircraft travel, it makes more sense to charter than to purchase. Learn more about the benefits of chartering a private jet via Orbis Aviation.


Private planes fly from smaller airports with fewer people on board, making it easy to fly hygienically and comfortably.


Private jets fly on your agenda. Let us work with your schedule; no more adhering to airline timetables.


Chartering a jet is a much more reasonable option than owning if you fly less than 25 hours annually.

Our Top Destinations


Fort Lauderdale

From Teterboro, NJ

$ 17000.00
Midsize Jet with 8+ passengers
2h30 flight


Miami, FL

From Montreal CA

$ 49000.00​
Large Jet with 13+ passengers
3h00 flight


Orlando, FL

From Los Angeles, CA

$ 65,000.00
Large Jet with 13+ passengers
4h flight


New York, NY

From Chicago, IL

$ 14,000.00
Light Jet with 6+ passengers
2h00 flight



From Palm Beach

$ 3500.00​
Propellers with 4+ passengers
1h00 flight


Aspen, CL

From Tampa, FL

$ 40,000.00​
Light Jet with 6+ passengers
3h45 flight

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Orbis Aviation LLC, registered in Florida USA, acts as an agent and as such arranges carriage by air by chartering aircraft from third-party aircraft operators. Orbis Aviation only acts as an intermediary, does not itself operate aircraft and is not a contracting or an indirect carrier. For US flights, quotations and charter services are provided by audited Part 135 operators certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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